Partner Responsibilities

  • Brand Enhancement Contribution

    Partners are expected to add value to COMMANDO brand and assist in increase brand awareness, equity and visibility.

  • Preferred Branding and Selling

    Partners are requested to brand and sell COMMANDO Products as their preferred brand.

  • Reasonable Inventory

    There is no stocking requirement. However, Partners are recommended to maintain reasonable stock to ensure smooth and timely deliveries of COMMANDO Products.

  • Targets

    There is no target. However, Partners are recommended to generate minimum business value of $1,000 per month.

  • Business Opportunity Identification

    COMMANDO offers financial incentives and perks for identifying and developing new opportunities for its brand.

  • Business Goal

    Partners are recommended to try and take all positive steps to achieve business goal and create win-win situation.

The Next Step

Being COMMANDO Partner has lots of Benefits and Privileges and it is a wise business move, and step in right direction.

Apply to become COMMANDO Partner by filling up a short Application Form from link below and welcome on board as COMMANDO Partner. Grow and build a better future for your business with COMMANDO.