COMMANDO 10/100/1000M, Single Mode, Single Fiber, 1310/1550nm-1550/1310nm, 25KM
COMMANDO Unmanaged, High-Speed, 10/100/1000TX to 1000FX, SC, Single Mode, Single Fiber, 1310/1550nm-1550/1310nm, 25KM, ideal for long distance transmission in broadband campus network, cable TV and intelligent broadband FTTB/FTTH networks


The COMMANDO 10/100/1000M Media Converter with the main function of photo electricity switch over between 1000BASE-TX or 100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-FX. Media converter transmits IP data over fiber, applied in many places where need long distance transmission. Low consumption and high resistance to electromagnetic interference of the optical fiber make the transmitting distance spread from 100m to several decades KM or hundred KM, improve the communication quality as well. And make the server, repeaters, switch, terminal PC connect easily.

The COMMANDO media converter designed to convert 1000BASE-FX or 1000BASE-FX fiber to 1000Base-TX or 100Base-TX copper media or vice versa. The COMMANDO media converter is designed for use with Multi-Mode or Single-Mode Dual Fiber & Single fiber cable utilizing the SC-Type connector. Designed under IEEE 802.3u 100/1000Base-TX or 10/100/1000Base-TX and 1000 Base-FX standards. The COMMANDO supports long wave (LX) laser specification at a full wire speed forwarding rate. It works at 1310/1550nm or on both transmitting and receiving data. Auto MDI/MDI-X for TX port, Auto negotiation of duplex mode on TX port and front panel status LEDs.


Protocols IEEE802.3 Ethernet(10Mbps)
IEEE802.1d Building tree protocol
IEEE802.3u Quick Ethernet (100Mbps)
IEEE802.3x Full duplex flux control
IEEE 802.3ab 100Base-TX/FX
Power supply 110VAC or 220VAC
Operation Temp 0℃~+70℃ Storage Temp -40℃~+85℃
Relative Humidity 5%~90%(non-condensation) Shipping weight 0.8kg

LED Indicators:

Instructions on Front Panel Identification for front panel of the media converter is shown below:

Product Details

Converter Type Stand-alone Unmanaged Port Type 1× RJ45 to 1× SC
RJ45 Rate 10/100/1000Base Fiber Rate 1000Base
Fiber Mode Single Mode Fiber Type Single Fiber
Wavelength 1310nm Distance 25km
Power 110VAC or 220VAC+12VDC Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C

Identification of Media Converter

  • TX:Transmitting Terminal
  • RX:Receiving Terminal
  • PWR:Power Indicator Light – “ON” means normal operation of DC 5V power supply adaptor.
  • 100M Indicator Light:
    “ON” means the rate of the electric port is 100 Mbps,
    “OFF” means the rate is 10 Mbps.
  • LINK/ACT (FP):
    “ON” means connectivity of the optical channel
    “FLASH” means data transfer in the channel
    “OFF” means non-connectivity of the optical channel.
  • LINK/ACT (TP):
    “ON” means connectivity of the electric circuit;
    “FLASH” means data transfer in the circuit;
    “OFF” means non-connectivity of the electric circuit.
  • SD Indicator Light:
    “ON” means input of optical signal
    “OFF” means non input.
  • FDX/COL:
    “ON” means full duplex electric port
    “OFF” means half-duplex electric port.
  • UTP:Non-Shielded Twisted Pair Port.